#13 How to learn off-court genealogy lessons from on-the-court play

Check out my other blog that I just posted http://weadwriteawaygoodgenes.com/2021/05/23/the-net-result-of-104-years-of-black-women-in-tennis-slowe-serve-to-turnbough/. It provides the linkage between historical and current actitivites on the tennis courts. involving black athletes.

Here’s how to transfer play into pay. In this example, the “play” is tennis. The “pay” is the pay off in historical, sometimes ancestral connections between former days and now.

Pay to Play tips:

  • Learn and study the present-day recreational and hobby activities of family members;
  • Participate in their favorite activities or show interest and become a great spectactor;
  • Become an equally great noteaker, visual recorder of your family member’s activities;
  • At the same time, begin the historical research about the same or similar activities;
  • Begin to connect the dots with the historical linkages to the present activities of your family and friends; and
  • Write your story, record your story or share your results to individuals who otherwise may not know the history as they witness the future.

Enjoy your research and publishing as much as I did when I researched the history of Black tennis in the U.S.

Photographs by Ann Lineve Wead Kimbrough, May 22, 2021

Published by Learning family histories

Our genealogy traces our family from western and central Africa and western Europe. Our ancestors entered the United States at the Virginia and Georgia Ports. First cousins Mark Owen and Ann Lineve Wead (it is protocol to use the maiden names of females in genealogy searches) are responsible for writing this blog. Although Ann has been involved in genealogy research while searching for certain ancestors since the age of 10, the cousins began deeper research of their families during the COVID-19 Pandemic Year of 2020. Devoting as much as 6 hours some evenings to the methodical training and research of genealogy, the cousins completed the year 2020 by earning genealogy certificates. Join us. @goodgenesgenealogy on wordpress and fb, twitter Sign up for our blog and enjoy the journey.

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