Naja Hardmon

Naja Hardmon is a junior public relations undergraduate student at Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University. “The Mesh” is a discussion-based podcast focused on exploring the relationship between movies and politics, meshing the two topics into one. In the first episode, actress and student screenwriter Jazmine Johnson is featured to join the discussion on the impactContinue reading “Naja Hardmon”

Tanzania Ralph

Tanzania ralph is a junior Broadcast Journalism major at Florida Agricultural and MechanicalUniversity, In the School of Journalism and Graphic Design. She is a Co-Host of the “InEntertainment” podcast with Co-Host Kennedy Guidry that addresses what’s going on in the world of entertainment and social media. She has her own radio show called “Tea TimeContinue reading “Tanzania Ralph”

Kennedy Guidry

Kennedy Guidry is a sophomore Public Relations student at Florida A&M University. Tanzania Ralph and herself teamed up to put together the In Entertainment podcast that highlights black pioneers and collaborations celebrating excellence. She is from Roswell, GA and has always had a passion for sports and hopes to pursue a career as a sports publicist. She is alsoContinue reading “Kennedy Guidry”

Maya Dubois

Maya DuBois is a Junior Public Relations major in the School of Journalism and Graphic Communications at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. In her newest podcast, “The Sit down,” with student co-host, Cyrena Allen, she discusses the different events and topics in the sports world. She is also a sports photographer and student journalist,Continue reading “Maya Dubois”

Brittany Jarret

Brittany Jarret is a junior broadcast journalism student at Florida Agricultural and MechanicalUniversity. She serves as host, producer, and editor of the “Rattler’s Lifestyle Podcast” alongside her co-host Breyanna Holmes. This podcast features entrepreneurs who are FAMUstudents or alumni. Jarret is president of the FAMU chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists, a correspondentContinue reading “Brittany Jarret”

Monisha Lanot

Monisha Lanot is a Public Relations professional in the entertainment industry from Pompano Beach, FL. In her latest work, she interviewed a published model and upcoming rap star during a podcast. Together, they discussed the existing adversities within the entertainment and fashion industry such as colorism and body shaming. Outside of being a PR practitioner, Ms.Continue reading “Monisha Lanot”

Lilla Bleu Bell

Lilla Bleu Bell is a junior public relations scholar at Florida A&M University. In this podcast, she interviewed local activist and Dream Defender Jodi-Ann Henningham, about white women contacting the police about the trivial offenses of minorities. Bleu is a staff writer for the FAMUAN and through previous internship experience at Sachs Media Group, sheContinue reading “Lilla Bleu Bell”

Breyanna Holmes

Breyanna Holmes is a senior public relations scholar at the School of Journalism and Graphic Communications at Florida A&M University. This first-year generations student podcast“Rattler’s Lifestyle” is a true business segment that explains the lifestyle of entrepreneur students. She currently serves as Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program, Vice President for the 2018-2019 academic schoolContinue reading “Breyanna Holmes”