Embracing your comfort blanket

“Sometimes we think we’ve outgrown these things but the need for them resurfaces during times of stress …” Brian Mayne, Self Mapping: How to Awaken to your True Self (2012). Watkins Media Ltd.

Endurance: Tips for mental strength and spiritual stamina

My mother’s pastor, Dr. Barbara King, author and founder/minister of Atlanta’s Hillside International Truth Center, teaches weekly courses on life skills that promote “New Thought” principles and related insight. Her Wednesday classes are so popular that they are live streamed and archived on the church’s website on a limited basis. One of the handouts toContinue reading “Endurance: Tips for mental strength and spiritual stamina”

My ‘pre-existing’ experience: Ailing prognosis on Trump Administration’s new medical listing

In 1986 when my twin son was a few months old, he was refused coverage by our medical insurance company because he had a pre-existing condition. As a result, the Atlanta neurologist who — bi-weekly — reviewed and offered diagnosis for our son based on his EEG lab work, always provided us with a per visit invoiceContinue reading “My ‘pre-existing’ experience: Ailing prognosis on Trump Administration’s new medical listing”

Graduates: How to transfer your ‘top of the world’ status into on the ground results

We are all aware that student loan debt for the class of 2016 was more than $37,000 per capita, according to the studentloanero.com website. However, be prepared to save, repay your investment and read to understand your new workplace benefits package.

SJGC and BTNC host successful “Community Conversation”

Originally posted on FAMU School of Journalism & Graphic Communication:
The Florida A&M University School of Journalism & Graphic Communication recently hosted a “Community Conversation” to update Tallahassee leaders, students and faculty on the progress of the debut of the nation’s first 24-hour news network targeted to African American viewers. See enclosed for the update:…

Save your life: Lessons on reducing stress

I was surfing my television channels early one Sunday morning and heard the Rev. Charles Stanley state, “stress is a killer.” It got my attention. His words also caused me to  reflect on personal experiences and the lives of others where it was evident that stress is indeed a killer or near killer. It’s interestingContinue reading “Save your life: Lessons on reducing stress”