Enslaved Africans warded off evil spirits with “Haint Blue” house color

The tradition continued with Gullah Geechees Look up the next time you walk up to Southern homes, especially those along the Atlantic Coast in South Carolina and Georgia. On the exterior undersides and interiors, you will likely find the unique color of “Haint Blue” on those structures. The long-forgotten history of haint — another wordContinue reading “Enslaved Africans warded off evil spirits with “Haint Blue” house color”

Finding genealogy linkages through Depression-era photographs

Wading through the thousands of files in the Library of Congress, this one stood out because it is the housing projects where my father, Dr. Rodney S. Wead, lived while boy growing up in Omaha, Nebraska. We don’t know the man and young people in the picture. It was taken three years after Wead wasContinue reading “Finding genealogy linkages through Depression-era photographs”

Looking for “gold” in your genealogy pursuits?

Colored farmer find $16,000 buried in land in 1897 Always keep searching for your ancestors and their stories. Here’s one about someone’s “colored” ancestor, D.H. Johnson, who was farming in February 1897. He hit hard ground while plowing a field near Hogansville, GA. He kept removing the layers of stone until he located what wasContinue reading “Looking for “gold” in your genealogy pursuits?”

Honoring Lesser Known Women Ancestors

In every family, there are countless examples of women who courageously and quietly endured emotional, physical, societal, financial and other pressures. Yet, their lives crafted our family legacies. We are grateful. To honor them during Women’s History Month, dig a little deeper in your family archives and in the public domain to share their storiesContinue reading “Honoring Lesser Known Women Ancestors”

$$$$s for your Genealogy Research

Scholarships are regularly awarded to beginning to experienced genealogists. Here are a couple of great opportunities: Frazine K. Taylor African American Research Scholarship  The Frazine K. Taylor African American Research Scholarship (application due by 1 March each year) is open to anyone committed to expanding their knowledge of African American genealogical research.  See attachment forContinue reading “$$$$s for your Genealogy Research”

The DNA and Mental Health Benefits in Genealogy and Ancestry research

Join us for the free, final weekend workshop The Good Genes Genealogy Services duo and Atlanta’s Hillside International Truth Center team up for the last weekend of the free genealogy workshops. The hour-long session is designed to inspire the beginners to seasoned genealogy researchers, and provide everyone with the tools to dig deeper into theirContinue reading “The DNA and Mental Health Benefits in Genealogy and Ancestry research”

How to interview your family members

It’s tough to ask tough questions Have you ever wanted to ask questions of your relatives and backed away because it was not “a good time?” We have. It’s time to get busy. Grab a notepad, make sure your audio and video recorders are sufficiently stocked with new batteries, put on your listening ears andContinue reading “How to interview your family members”

Do not NAP on DNA results

Ann Wead Kimbrough just received her updated DNA results. She is prone to take daytime naps. Or is she? Here’s what Ancestry.com found: Taking naps Ann Lineve Wead Kimbrough’s results Ann Lineve Wead Kimbrough, your DNA suggests you’re equally likely to be a napper or non-napper. Based on your genetics, you’re right in the middle—neither more norContinue reading “Do not NAP on DNA results”

From the Philly Voice: “Contributions of Black, Indigenous soldiers detailed in new collection at Museum of the American Revolution”

(Thank you, maggie@phillyvoice.com for this great article) Nearly 200 historic documents are being digitally archived for public use. Several are on display as part of the Black founders exhibit, including a discharge paper signed by George Washington Excerpts The Patriots of Color archive will be fully digitized and made available online at no cost to the publicContinue reading “From the Philly Voice: “Contributions of Black, Indigenous soldiers detailed in new collection at Museum of the American Revolution””