#39 Honor your ancestors on World Heart Day

It may seem morbid, and it is. However, it is VERY important that we research our family ancestry to learn about health trends and episodes. As in the case of many of my paternal and maternal ancestors, their cause of death is heart-related. My 2nd Great-Grandfather succumbed to “Ch. Myocarditis” on December 20, 1932. HeContinue reading “#39 Honor your ancestors on World Heart Day”

#39 Honoring Black Women’s Suffrage Movement Strength on National Voter Registration Day 2021

Nannie Helen Burroughs (1879 – 1961) urged white and Black women to work together for the right to vote. Her efforts did not result in the equal rights for women to vote when the 1920 amendment was passed and white women were granted the right to vote. On this day, Sept. 28, 2021, deemed theContinue reading “#39 Honoring Black Women’s Suffrage Movement Strength on National Voter Registration Day 2021”

#38 Story of Muhammad Ali’s first attorney “lost” in the river … her contribution rolls on

The worthy search for ancestors, friends and other loved ones remains important. As newbie or veteran genealogists, the precious lives of ancestors are not always scripted with a pleasant ending. Yet, we are comforted by the achievements of so many pioneers who paved the way for us. Such is the case of the little-known civilContinue reading “#38 Story of Muhammad Ali’s first attorney “lost” in the river … her contribution rolls on”

#37 Ancestor Appreciation Day … surprises!

My ancestors come in all shapes, sizes, colors and names. I appreciate that as our history is intertwined with one another. There is no escaping our past. That is why we study genealogy and that is to honor our ancestors for “going through” to allow us to live on this earth today and in futureContinue reading “#37 Ancestor Appreciation Day … surprises!”

#35 How to set up your family chart template

There are many free tools to help the budding family ancestry trackers to experienced genealogists set up charts and trees to affirm our heritage. Start somewhere, even if you have one complete name of an ancestor. Our heritage aids in our current-day families’ spiritual, mental and physical health.

Repost …

(From our first how-to book on researching African American genealogy) #2 Peek: Out of Sight e-book for beginning Black genealogists PART I: Out of Our Gloomy Past Slavery’s Impact Upon Black Genealogical Research   Slavery’s far-reaching effect upon the lives of African Americans is the single-most reason why it is challenging to easily research involvingContinue reading “Repost …”

How to find the hard-to-find ancestors

Was my maternal great-great grandmother a white woman or an African American slave? Based on the 1850 and 1860 U.S. Census, she was both. In the 1880 Census, she was listed as Mulatto, aged 21 and working as a chamber maid. Was I surprised by the variations on race in the census? No and neitherContinue reading “How to find the hard-to-find ancestors”

Africa Burial Ground and 9/11 — National Geographic

IN A FEW WORDS I wish the knowledge about the African Burial Ground was as vast as September 11th. The reason that September 11 is so important is because of the people who built this city. When I think of the World Trade Center and New York Stock Exchange, I think of how they gotContinue reading “Africa Burial Ground and 9/11 — National Geographic”