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E-book publishing
Beginning July 2021, one book per month will feature four how-to Black Genealogy Research topics
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case studies

Class Notes
He was “stuck” in his great family legacy that is centered around a now closed black high school in St. Louis, Mo. Today, he hosts a vibrant, interactive e-commerce website.

Out of the Closet
His grandmother was not sure of her blood family legacy. After her death, her grandson found an almost discarded box. Inside was the family’s link to a slave’s history.

Slave Names of Ancestors
The family Bible carefully lists the names of many slaves associated with her ancestors. The unique find contains original handwritings.

Who’s My Dad?
He lives a blessed life and has achieved success in Georgia, California, New York, Tennessee. He just found his father and mother’s family.

Central America dance
There’s rich history to celebrate in the couple’s family histories. There appears to be royalty lineage and more.

Don’t know much
Just getting started with family research is a daunting, exciting project. We can help.

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