“And They Thought We Couldn’t Fight:”* Remembering the Nine Soldiers in a World War I Photograph

November 7, 2017 By Ncurrie, Posted In Finding Aids, Military, Tribute/News, World War I Era Today’s Blog is written by Barbara Lewis Burger, a retired National Archives Still Picture Senior Archivist The above photograph of nine World War I soldiers of the 369th Infantry Regiment is one of several iconic photographs in the National Archives and Records Administration that document African American soldiersContinue reading ““And They Thought We Couldn’t Fight:”* Remembering the Nine Soldiers in a World War I Photograph”

#32 My recommended great reads: African American history

My bookshelf is stocked with a great variety of good reads. They are loosely categorized by subject areas that include “Health and Healing,” “African American History, ” “International and Domestic Finance/Business,” “Black Authors,” “Book Publishing,” and “Media and Journalism” and “Other.” I also have personal journals that date back a few decades. Over the years,Continue reading “#32 My recommended great reads: African American history”

#31 We are looking for you!

The African American families in the post-slavery, Reconstruction years See informationwanted.org The “Lost Friends Ad’ in a New Orleans newspaper in 1883 by a lady described with two names — Eliza Jane Elam and Eliza Owens — showed the dedication of former slaves who sought their loved ones some 20 years after the end ofContinue reading “#31 We are looking for you!”

I Learn from My Experiences

As genealogists on all levels — beginners who are researching family histories to the veterans/professionals — we have to learn from our ancestors’ experiences. In your reading of this wonderful meditation from the Hillside International Truth Center , replace the words “past experiences” and “past” and “experiences” with the word s “ancestral history … healing.”Continue reading “I Learn from My Experiences”

What If Our History Was Written In Our Grammar?

News release, 19 August 2021 http://www.uzh.ch/en.html Humans have been always on the move, creating a complex history of languages and cultural traditions dispersed over the globe. An international team under UZH’s lead has now traced families of related languages over more than 10,000 years by combining data from genetics, linguistics and musicology using novel digitalContinue reading “What If Our History Was Written In Our Grammar?”

#30 African American man is first to “Compromise” in the South

  This is part two of the blogs about the Great Compromises in September 1850 and 1895 that impacted African Americans. “To those of my race who depend on bettering their condition in a foreign land, or who underestimate the importance of cultivating friendly relations with the Southern white man, I would say: “Cast downContinue reading “#30 African American man is first to “Compromise” in the South”

Historical 1918 pandemic reports, advice, treatments and hope for our ancestors

This report from Chicago, Illinois by health officials in 1918 reads like a one that could have been written in 2021. The upshot is that we should learn from our ancestors. Meanwhile, similar messages were urgently distributed that are similar to those of 2020-21. Another similar health heed Consider the following in the current pandemicsContinue reading “Historical 1918 pandemic reports, advice, treatments and hope for our ancestors”