In our stillness, celebrate our ancestors

Closing the Month of Sankofa with Ancestral Prayer and Healing

On a warm Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022, Hillside’s Presiding Bishop Dr. Jack L. Bomar, led the sacred, community “Ancestral Prayer” ceremony. It included drumming that girded the rhymical and ancestral honoring blessings with the pouring of libations by Hillside member Sharon A. Smith. Today, she said, “I am the High Priestess” while acknowledging the oldestContinue reading “Closing the Month of Sankofa with Ancestral Prayer and Healing”

I Learn from My Experiences

As genealogists on all levels — beginners who are researching family histories to the veterans/professionals — we have to learn from our ancestors’ experiences. In your reading of this wonderful meditation from the Hillside International Truth Center , replace the words “past experiences” and “past” and “experiences” with the word s “ancestral history … healing.”Continue reading “I Learn from My Experiences”

I Move in the Direction of My Soul’s Purpose

SATURDAY, AUGUST 7, 2021        For this moment, consider the possibility that you chose to come forth into physical existence at this time. Now ask yourself what you are here to create, to do, to experience. Pause and ask yourself, “What does my soul want? What am I here to do and learn?”Continue reading “I Move in the Direction of My Soul’s Purpose”