Genealogy Find: Original Beat Box(es)

Check out the oriiginal human beat box group. Their vocal moves are amazing. One of the benefits of researching our ancestors is the “find.” In this case, find is pure gold through the super talented siblings who set the human “beat box” standards. They are the Mills Brothers. While combing through the online ancestry filesContinue reading “Genealogy Find: Original Beat Box(es)”

Looking for “gold” in your genealogy pursuits?

Colored farmer find $16,000 buried in land in 1897 Always keep searching for your ancestors and their stories. Here’s one about someone’s “colored” ancestor, D.H. Johnson, who was farming in February 1897. He hit hard ground while plowing a field near Hogansville, GA. He kept removing the layers of stone until he located what wasContinue reading “Looking for “gold” in your genealogy pursuits?”

How to interview your family members

It’s tough to ask tough questions Have you ever wanted to ask questions of your relatives and backed away because it was not “a good time?” We have. It’s time to get busy. Grab a notepad, make sure your audio and video recorders are sufficiently stocked with new batteries, put on your listening ears andContinue reading “How to interview your family members”

Looking for our ancestry love in all the right places

‘Back in the day,’ our ancestors’ version of social media was human contact. Stories were shared by village griots about our roots. Physical signs such as smoke were used to communicate. Entries were manually entered into family Bibles. Long visits with food-in-hands were made to families whose loved ones transitioned. Telephone calls were made onContinue reading “Looking for our ancestry love in all the right places”

Black History Month Genealogy Tour

Don’t you love Black History Month? Although February is the shortest month in days of our calendar year, it is nonetheless a time to pause, respect and relish the fantastic achievements of African American, Black and Caribbean ancestors whose works and lives were largely ignored or never revealed. That’s where your great genealogy research comesContinue reading “Black History Month Genealogy Tour”

A prayer for our ancestors

Whenever a prayer is publicly offered in honor of our ancestors, we are honored to publish it: MONDAY, JANUARY 30, 2023I GIVE THANKS FOR MY ANCESTORS From Hillside Truth International Center, Atlanta, GA        Individually and collectively, we are part of a never-ending story. The story has no beginning and no end. OurContinue reading “A prayer for our ancestors”

Helping children plant and build their photo and other modern family trees

Ann of the Good Genes Genealogy Services team began her interest in family genealogy at the age of 10. After asking her mother and paternal grandfather separate questions about their childhoods, siblings, families and more, Ann did not receive the replies she expected. In both cases, I could hear crickets (old schoolers will get theContinue reading “Helping children plant and build their photo and other modern family trees”

How the passing of ancestors brings us life

Black Genealogy research requires attention to obits, homegoings and surviving family members Camden, Tenn. – About 340 miles northwest of Atlanta, lies a small community with a big heart that was originally named “Tranquility.”  The community counted as one of its more than 3,000 residents a special lady, Delia Mae Tharpe, mother of Dr. JackContinue reading “How the passing of ancestors brings us life”

Free worksheet to uncover the hard-to-find, brick wall family information

One of the best, free worksheets to conquer brick walls in Black genealogy searches is found in the easy-to-access and free databases of the National Archives. This worksheet is different from the family tree form that was recommended on this site via our post on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023. Both forms — the family treeContinue reading “Free worksheet to uncover the hard-to-find, brick wall family information”