#40 My DNA results updates: Diversity+

My DNA results were recently updated by ancestry.com. After a decade, I love receiving the additional research. In summary, I’m related to a diverse population: Updated September 2021¬†https://www.ancestry.com/dna/origins/9DBE5BC7-21AB-45AB-BA2F-0B23BF88E3B3?o_iid=90600&o_lid=90600&o_sch=Web%20Property

#23 Who do you think you are?

Ultimately, who are we? Based on our twisted and tangled family histories, African Americans and Afro Caribbeans are the ones whose ancestors were sold and traded to satisfy enslavers’ mortgages and other sales. We want to get answers to this question about ‘who are we?’ as we remove bricks and tree forests to answer ourContinue reading “#23 Who do you think you are?”