Ezekiel Hobbs

Ezekiel Hobbs is a sophomore public relations student at Florida A & M University. With his unique communicating and elaborative writing style, Ezekiel intends to be not just a successful publicist but yet one of the best multimedia journalist dominating both the fashion and entertainment communication industries. Creating his first collaborative podcast “The RoundTable” heContinue reading “Ezekiel Hobbs”

Cyrena Allen

Cyrena Allen, Allen is currently a third-year transfer student of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University’s School of Journalism. Cyrena Allen, along with her colleague Maya Dubois currently have a new podcast show called “The Sit Down” where They discuss different topics and events in the NFL and NBA. Allen has written a children’s book withContinue reading “Cyrena Allen”

Christopher Miller

Christopher Miller is a junior public relations student at the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in Tallahassee. His first podcast is about getting ready for the Spring Elections FAMU edition. In the podcastChristopher goes into talking about the things upcoming candidates need to do in order to beContinue reading “Christopher Miller”

Christopher Bryant

Chris Bryant is a Broadcast Journalism major and theatre minor at Florida A&M University from Tampa Bay, Florida. Bryant is an aspiring screen and television writer and director. Bryant is also an actor and voice actor. “The Zap and Viper Theatre Podcast” is written and voiced by Bryant. The main characters: Zap, Viper, and Quill,Continue reading “Christopher Bryant”

Kira’Fika Jackson

Kira’Fika Jackson is a junior in Broadcast Journalism at Florida A & M University in Tallahassee, FL. For her first podcast show, Voici Bazhane, she interviewed the Florida State Senator Bobby Powell Jr., (D-30). Her first major published piece was featured in Arian Simone’s Fearless magazine. Kira made her first television appearance on FAMU’s TV-20Continue reading “Kira’Fika Jackson”

Alexis Gollman

Alexis Gollman is a junior Public Relations student at Florida A&M University. In her first podcast show, The Alexis Nicole Show is about unorthodox models who are breaking barriers and traditions in the modeling industry. She has written for the FAMUAN and JourneyMagazine. She has done visual merchandising at teenage and young adult retailer Plato’sCloset.Continue reading “Alexis Gollman”

Naja Hardmon

Naja Hardmon is a junior public relations undergraduate student at Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University. “The Mesh” is a discussion-based podcast focused on exploring the relationship between movies and politics, meshing the two topics into one. In the first episode, actress and student screenwriter Jazmine Johnson is featured to join the discussion on the impactContinue reading “Naja Hardmon”

Tanzania Ralph

Tanzania ralph is a junior Broadcast Journalism major at Florida Agricultural and MechanicalUniversity, In the School of Journalism and Graphic Design. She is a Co-Host of the “InEntertainment” podcast with Co-Host Kennedy Guidry that addresses what’s going on in the world of entertainment and social media. She has her own radio show called “Tea TimeContinue reading “Tanzania Ralph”

Kennedy Guidry

Kennedy Guidry is a sophomore Public Relations student at Florida A&M University. Tanzania Ralph and herself teamed up to put together the In Entertainment podcast that highlights black pioneers and collaborations celebrating excellence. She is from Roswell, GA and has always had a passion for sports and hopes to pursue a career as a sports publicist. She is alsoContinue reading “Kennedy Guidry”