How to find the hard-to-find ancestors

Was my maternal great-great grandmother a white woman or an African American slave? Based on the 1850 and 1860 U.S. Census, she was both. In the 1880 Census, she was listed as Mulatto, aged 21 and working as a chamber maid. Was I surprised by the variations on race in the census? No and neitherContinue reading “How to find the hard-to-find ancestors”

#29 The Great September U.S. Compromises (Part One)

On September 18 and 20, 1850, history recorded two distinct “compromises” that impacted African American lives. Part One, we will look at what life became in the area now known as Washington, D.C., once Congress came together and compromised on legislation. The ‘give and take” of 1850 The 20th of September marked the signing ofContinue reading “#29 The Great September U.S. Compromises (Part One)”